ZOOL® - Strategic Procurement Solution

A workflow solution that is intuitive and flexible providing you transparency and compliance on your print and marketing category.


ZOOL® - Seriously intelligent procurement

Our ZOOL® software ensures control and transparency and is built to align to your organisations procurement workflow and is built to support social procurement and business goals.


ZOOL® has been specifically built for the procurement industry, so it works across all industries, categories, supplier panels and teams. One enormous difference is that you set the rules. Rules can be applied based on business or government procurement guidelines ensuring adherence to state or federal mandates. 

  • Imagine if you could streamline your business processes to improve workflow, manage risk and ensure compliance. ZOOL® is all about the end-to-end management of sourcing, from work in progress through to vendor invoice matching and payments.
  • Imagine if you could eliminate the costly requirement to conduct regular tenders and reviews. With ZOOL®, you can plug in your existing supplier panel and gain access to a searchable database of over 500 accredited local and international suppliers.
  • Imagine if you could have one version of the truth, accessible across teams and driving evidence-based decisions. ZOOL® reports category spend, savings outcome, vendor performance and participation rate split by department, region or supplier.
  • Imagine if you could save both money and time, with every single job, every single day. ZOOL® delivers guaranteed best market pricing at rapid speed. Even more than that, your people will be much happier with a user-friendly platform and helpful support.
  • Imagine having access to reporting on social engagement of Disability Enterprise and Indigenous owned business throughout your procurement process.


Through ZOOL®, accomplishing all this and more is within reach.

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