Supporting our retail clients nationally through intelligent local area marketing solutions

This client is a membership based organisation and operates similarly to a franchise model with over one hundred stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their challenge was managing their brand, providing co-branded collateral, managing multiple suppliers due to the diverse product range and having transparency across ordering and uptake of campaigns. 

Handling multiple suppliers, storing bulky marketing print and promotional products at the head office, along with manual order processing and scheduling couriers posed resource challenges for our client. These operations were diverting attention from their core responsibilities, affecting their capacity to deliver brand compliant materials promptly and meet time-sensitive product demands in the market.

Our solution, once understanding our clients pain points was providing an end-to-end solution that allowed the head office full access to warehoused product, local area marketing solutions, web to print, digital output, group order tracking and management reporting. 

Through our StreamlineOnline® portal we developed a one stop shopfront that allowed members to access and purchase

Warehoused Product – access to a catalogue of preprinted product including generic point of sale which include posters, shelf wobblers, decals and signage, paper carry bags, register rolls, catalogues.

Local Area Marketing – ordering co-branded marketing materials online through our online portal. Templates are pre-approved through head office with the ability for members to upload logos, maps, update copy with approval processed automated. Our solution provided a flexible online platform that enhanced the creative production of scalable, audience-specific graphic output across multiple channels.

Payment gateway – ability for the members to purchase via credit card or P card. This eliminated the requirement for head office to manage payments and accounts reconciliation processes. 

Through the implementation process suppliers of the above products were consolidated under E-Bisglobal, marketing product that was held onsite at the client headquarters was collected and received at our distribution centre and the product was made available on the online portal for stores to order.

Our print management solution has yielded the following outcomes for our client

Storage Savings: E-Bisglobal’s transition of marketing products to our main warehouse facility has enabled our client to save on storage costs and avoid the need for additional office space rental in a premium Sydney location.

Brand Control: Through E-Bisglobal’s management of templated local area marketing, warehoused products, and web-to-print services, our client can confidently maintain the integrity of their brand.

Higher Member Engagement: Members now engage more actively in ordering, thanks to the user-friendly portal and the ability for members to access the onsite portal for all essential operational and marketing print and promotional products.


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Partnering with our retail clients nationally to safeguard brand integrity and ensure their product is delivered on time.