Managing an annual print procurement budget exceeding $10 million.

E-Bisglobal was commissioned to provide an end-to-end software solution for effectively managing the extensive print procurement workflow of the department. Our task involved delivering an online system designed to overlay their extensive panel of more than 300 suppliers. The system was required to seamlessly integrate with a third-party warehouse supplier and a digital asset management system, both of which we successfully implemented.


The case presented several challenges, encompassing a substantial number of stakeholders (exceeding 3,000 internal and external participants), the imperative to streamline diverse systems (some of which were initially manual spreadsheets) into a unified, fully automated system, and a communication process characterised by non-transparency, featuring multiple versions of the truth.


Our software solution ZOOL® has been crafted to interact seamlessly with a predetermined supplier panel categorised by type, and it seamlessly integrated with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system throughout the entire job lifecycle.

This comprehensive approach covered sourcing, purchase order management, invoice processing and the evaluation of supplier performance. Engagement with minority businesses including Indigenous owned businesses, Australian Disability Enterprises, SME, regional based and women-led businesses are reported on and actively monitored.

E-Bisglobal handled the entire development process in-house, enabling agile development to accommodate change requests and implement further enhancements in real-time. The system provides full reporting capabilities accessible to approved users, and it facilitates the creation, proofing, and ordering of web to print products with predefined pricing for various style items.

Moreover, we devised a suite of reports tailored for self-service, ensuring the availability of fast and accurate information to ensure that stakeholders had access to live and meaningful data.

E-Bisglobal effectively unified diverse systems into a user-friendly digital platform. This achievement yielded a streamlined workflow solution that involved all stakeholders through a singular system, resulting in a consistent quarterly reduction in spending by 20 to 30 percent as participation gradually expanded. The client can now manage all expenditures seamlessly through a single, easily accessible software platform that is both user-friendly and efficient.


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Overseeing an annual print procurement budget exceeding $10 million