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Managing key printed inventory for multiple upscale events

Managing essential physical branded assets for nationwide events

E-Bisglobal was approached by a large national organisation in the banking and finance sector that was facing challenges in managing key inventory for their regular events held across multiple locations nationally and internationally. Seeking a solution, the organisation partnered with E-Bisglobal to streamline their event management practices. Through E-Bisglobal’s specialised event management solution QOKKI®, the organisation optimised inventory, streamlined processes, and helped delivered impactful events that left a lasting impression in the competitive banking and finance landscape.


The client’s challenges were primarily centred on the inefficient management of event assets. The laborious and time-consuming manual processes hindered productivity and left them with little control over critical aspects. Without a formal system, errors and uncertainties further compounded their struggles, affecting overall event success and cost-effectiveness. The need for an effective and automated solution became evident to streamline their operations and maximise event outcomes.


Introducing the E-Bisglobal QOKKI® solution, an innovative and branded online software portal designed to streamline event management. With a shared asset system, branches gain easy access to book event materials, including banners, brochures, giveaways, displays, marquees, and posters, from our warehouse. The automated inbound and outbound distribution process, along with custom reports, offers complete control.

Embracing QOKKI® brings a huge range of benefits:

  • A centralised online portal for scheduling events with controlled access
  • Elimination of double booking for the same product
  • Seamless utilisation of exhibition materials across multiple locations
  • Convenient bumping in and out delivery service through the portal
  • A dedicated central warehousing location
  • Quality checking on returned items, ensuring readiness for the next event
  • Individual chargeable cost centres with segregated billing options for different company divisions, locations, or franchisees
  • Replacement services for worn-out goods or the supply of new products
  • Warehousing of entire conference or event collateral, displays and marketing support materials including brochures and branded merchandise 

E-Bisglobal offers comprehensive support services, including designing and producing promotional products, signage, and event displays as well as managing marketing printing and support materials. Our services extend to sourcing and supplying promotional products with full branding support, offering corporate and event apparel, creating QR codes and incentive ideas, and executing post and pre-event campaigns (email blasts, direct mail, etc). We also offer warehousing solutions for booths and large displays.

Our value-added services include custom packaging, quality checking, and replenishment of used items upon return from each event, national and global distribution, monthly summary invoicing, dedicated account managers or inventory controllers, and detailed management reports categorised by cost centre and usage.

After implementing our tailored event management software, QOKKI®, into the client’s organisation, there were significant positive outcomes, including improved time management and substantial cost savings. These achievements were a result of the following key factors:

Optimal assets usage: QOKKI® facilitated efficient tracking and utilisation of event assets, ensuring they were optimally deployed for maximum impact.

More efficient ordering processes: The streamlined ordering system within QOKKI® reduced manual efforts and led to faster procurement of marketing materials.

Improved freight procedures: QOKKI® helped in identifying cost-effective shipping options, resulting in reduced freight expenses compared to previous airfreight methods.
Enhanced overall productivity: With QOKKI™ handling event management tasks, the marketing team was able to concentrate on core responsibilities, leading to improved productivity across the organisation.

The client’s feedback affirmed the success of the transition to QOKKI®, as it not only freed up the marketing team’s time but also provided detailed reporting and maximised asset utilisation. The elimination of unnecessary material reordering and the remarkable 75% improvement in productivity resulted in substantial annual cost savings of $60,000 for the company. The comprehensive impact of QOKKI® showcased its efficacy in optimising marketing services and generating tangible benefits for the client.


Provide a conclusion that summarises the key takeaways from the case study. This section should also include any lessons learned or insights that can be applied to similar situations.

In conclusion, the successful adoption of QOKKI® has proven to be a game-changer for the client’s marketing operations. The platform’s seamless integration has not only freed up the marketing team’s time to focus on core responsibilities but also provided valuable insights through detailed reporting. By maximising asset utilisation and streamlining marketing material re-ordering, substantial cost savings of $60,000 annually have been achieved.

The 75% improvement in productivity showcases the significant impact QOKKI® has made on the company’s bottom line. Overall, the case study exemplifies how QOKKI® has revolutionised marketing service management and brought about tangible benefits for the organisation.

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75% productivity boost saved $60k AUD annually