Supporting the radiology & healthcare industry for over 25 years

Drawing from more than 25 years of expertise in serving the radiology and private hospital sectors, we grasp the challenges our clients face. We take charge of their operational and marketing print needs, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – their patients.

Our comprehensive services encompass a unified supply chain, consolidating product offerings, inventory management, print-on-demand services, and local area marketing solutions. All of this is delivered with transparency, accompanied by cost centre analysis and management reporting for a holistic overview.

Key products include

  • Medical record forms
  • Referrals / referral pads
  • General forms
  • Patient labels
  • File covers
  • X-Ray envelopes 
  • Presentation folders
  • Marketing print
  • Print on demand 
  • Appointment cards
  • Invitations
  • Event collateral
  • Branded promotional merchandise
  • Premium gifts
  • DVD’s / USB’s
  • Corporate apparel
  • Creative design
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Medical consumables including gloves, curtains, wipes, masks

Many new clients approach us with a disjointed supply chain, no visibility of stock, backorder issues, limited or no management reporting and challenges around version control and speed to market when changes are required. This impacts their business and ability to provide key services to patients and referring doctors.


We engage with our clients to tailor a centralised online portal that empowers them and offers complete transparency in their print and marketing endeavours.

  • Comprehensive product range support, including operational and marketing print, branded merchandise, and medical consumables
  • Secure online ordering portal
  • Warehoused product catalogue
  • Online access to management reports for authorised users
  • Print on demand solutions
  • Local area marketing solutions
  • National distribution & kitting.

Our clients benefit from a proactive account management team that provides continuous support and guidance on industry trends as well as information on new products and technologies.

Our clients experience the following outcomes

  • A simpler, one stop solution for operation and marketing collateral
  • Swift market entry for products requiring legislative or product updates.
  • Greater control in the management of creative assets
  • Immediate updates and online availability of forms and referrals
  • Increased referral rates facilitated by timely availability of key referral forms to referring doctors
  • Management reporting on spend and usage along with reporting on social procurement and ESG Goals


E-Bisglobal collaborates as a healthcare partner with our clients. With more than 25 years of experience serving radiology and private hospitals, we possess an in-depth understanding of essential requirements. We’ve developed products, systems and technologies to deliver a seamless solution. Whether you operate as a privately owned practice or have a national footprint we have the expertise to provide a solution that is scalable and will put you in control.

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